Aug 12, 2007

Hawes out to the Pit, East Mesa

Hawes out to the Pit (Mesa, AZ)

Today hurt. This was billed as Sweatiest Ride Ever part II. Since I skipped 1.0 last year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The humidity, due to monsoon season, that’s been hanging around the valley the past few weeks disappeared, and the big time hot temperatures returned. We all met up at Walgreen’s off of Power Rd, and split from the parking lot at 6:15. Our group totaled about 23 riders.

Near the beginning of the ride, we saw one angry rattlesnake coiled up and ready to strike. About half the group had dwindled down before we made it to the halfway point of the turnaround. This trail rocks, I like long climbs and long descents, well this trail wasn’t set up this way, but it did have some fun and fast downhill.

The four hour ride had mileage was around 22 miles.

Here a vid’s and pics:

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