Dec 31, 2011

verde river float

Here's a short little vid of the New Years Eve float down the Verde.


Chris said...

Looks like a nice lil float! What are you're thoughts on taking a sit on top down this portion of the Verde? You would have a better perspective of how "rough" some of the spots were.


Chris aka crAZy Irish

u2metoo said...

Let's put it this way, I have seen some sit on top kayaks coming down that portion of the Verde.

I feel I would be comfortable going down it on one, with the right conditions (being warm enough, and it not high water).

This is not a gnarly part of the river (it is fairly tame, IMHO), but I must disclose that there is inherent danger to going down it.

JacQ said...

This looks like fun!

Wish the weather is warmer so I can schedule kayaking lessons with the instructor I found. That way I know what to do in some of the sections that you went through.

I am a total novice and have a Liquid Logic Jefe, feel like I have lots of training to do before I can match the kick ass kayak I have. :)

Maybe my husband and I can link up with you and kayak down this summer some time. We have a truck so shuttling won't be a problem.

u2metoo said...

Right on, JacQ. The Jefe is a kick a$$ kayak.

Heck, yeah I need more people to paddle with.