Sep 18, 2011

Horses of the Lower Salt

Here are a few pics from this mornings paddle down the Lower Salt.

I think every time I been down the Lower Salt, I've seen the free roaming horses.

Today, I lost count on how many I saw, but there most have been about 30 soaking up the goodness of the river.

Here a few pics:


JacQ said...

WOW, my husband and I just got ourselves some river runner kayaks so we can do some ww kayaking here in central AZ. It is awesome to see your photos/videos of the horses and the river runs.

I still need to take kayaking lessons before I can feel comfortable paddling in the Salt River. Your blog posts really help me I look forward to kayaking in the area.

Thanks for sharing~


u2metoo said...

Thanks JacQ.

I just got into the swift water paddling myself, and I really dig it.

Paddle on!