Aug 2, 2008

Geronimo: South Mountain 08/02/08

Our group totaled sumpin like 14 today, as we split from Bob's house, for his Birthday ride. The 5:45 start had us heading up Javelina, then Mormon Loop and then National. Once we got to the waterfall, we came to the conclusion that Geronimo would be a great way to get off the mountain today.

It was a tad bit warm, but that wasn't bother me much. But was zapped me was that I donated blood a couple of days ago, and I didn't feel like I was at 100%.

Man, we had some most excellent riders with us today, and it was an utter hoot. I busted out my faux snake today, and laid it out for some unsuspecting victims. D'oh!

To top of this ride, Bob's wife, Michelle, had the most amazing spread. Mmmmmm, De-lish!

Here's a ride for the day:

Here's a High Res Quicktime version.

Kathleen has another awesome vid located here

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