Apr 26, 2008

Six Shooter Canyon Trail - Pinal Mountain: AZ

Paul B., author of Mountain-Bike-America-Arizona: Arizona and I split from Tempe at around 7:00 am and headed east on US 60 to Globe for a little sufferfest riding to the top of Pinal Mountain. We parked here , at the junction of S. Ice House Canyon and S. Six Shooter Canyon. And here's a map of the area. We started our 14 mile slog up at 8:40, and 3.5 hours later we ready for our decent. Our route consisted of Heading up S. Ice House Canyon Rd for about 1.8 miles, where we veered right on to S. Kellner Canyon Rd. Pavement turned to dirt, and then I believe we spent a short time on FR 55 to get to FR 651. FR 651 took us to the top. The climb showed us some pretty amazing views, although there was a pretty nasty haze that obscured our view of Phoenix.

We didn't kill ourselves getting to the top, and I plenty left in the tank for our wicked fun decent. We opted for taking Six Shooter Canyon Trail down, and from what I'm hearing, its probably the tamest trail off the top. A little exposure, and few techy switch backs, left us with miles and miles and miles of swoopy forest single track. Actually this trail has three distinct trail composition. Loads of forest at the top, followed by loads of gravel and rocks in the middle, and classic desert cinder at the bottom. I was just amazed at how fun this trail is.

I believe this is probably the longest big mountain descents in Arizona. With about 4,500 vf descent from the top of the mountain to the bottom you are left with two windows for riding this trail(spring or fall). You've got to hit it between snow and heat.

Here's a short vid of the Day:


Jace LeBlanc said...

Hey, this looks like it was a fun day. I've got a buddy who wants to head down to the Globe area to visit some family and wanted to do some riding. He's new to the sport, any trails in the area you could recommend?

u2metoo said...

Thanks Jace,
I know they did MBAA cross country race in Globe last year, but I am familiar with the course. I would consider that course a pretty good place to start.

The trails up above on Pinal have there moments, pretty steep, a little loose, way-way off camber, and probably have some snow on them at the moment.