Nov 12, 2007

Grand Canyon - South Rim

We've been here about 18 months,and we hadn't taken the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon. So my wife, mother-in-law, and her friend from N.Y. decided to drive up there and see what this place is all about. I can truly say that I was amazed.

Our first destination on this road trip was a quick stop to Sedona, where we visited the Chapel of Holy Cross, and then we hit up a couple of shops and grabbed a quick bite to eat. It was a little over cast and hazy, but the rock formations were remarkable.

From there we continued up scenic 89 and interesected with 40 at Flagstaff.

We pulled into the Grand Canyon (Mather Point) at about 5:00 pm, anticipating that the sun would set about a half hour later. Unfortunately, we had high clouds and it was hazy from a controlled burn on the other side of the canyon. So no amazing sunset, but the view was still incredible.

We stayed at a hotel back in town (just outside the National Park), and the next morning we headed back into the park, for day of awesome views and shuttle buses.
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