May 26, 2007

Abineau Canyon - Crossfire Chutes: May 2007

Abineau Canyon - Crossfire Chutes: May 2007

My thermoregulatory system is getting a little confused. When temperatures hit 101, weekend before last, JrockFeltaz and I got thoroughly cooked while riding on Dixie Mine. And then this last weekend (5/5/07) JrockFeltaz suggested we headed up to Flagstaff to cool off. I should’ve take a closer look the first time around at his PM, cuz he was talking about hitting the slopes for a little boarding/skiing.

I didn’t realize that the peaks up there would still have stashes of snow, but the chutes off the Abineau Canyon trail had plenty of white stuff. In fact there was 1-2 inches of fresh snow at the trailhead. Neither Jrock or I were familiar with the Abineau Canyon trail, and it took us a while to pick our way around the debris from a gi-huge-o avalanche from 2005(?). We topped out at around 10,000’, before we had to turnaround due to some other time constraints. We didn’t achieve our goal of getting to the top of the ridge, figuring we better save it for another day.

Today (5/7/07) was that day for me. Under bluebird skies, the climb up went fast. And the decent was heavenly corn.
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